Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Learn to be happy

Job hunting is indeed a very tedious and depressive business. True me I know how it feels like now I am part of it. However, I learn to be happy and gracious for what I still have. I have a lovely family, a loyal and kind husband and most importantly a cute as button son, names Andrew. In our life, we can avoid the ups and downs. What really matters is how to manage our emotion when a little bumps come our way. Can we remain calm in the face of not only happiness, but also sadness? As long as we can't learn to be happy, we will always be engulfed in the misery of mood swings.

Expectation, expectation, expectation

This morning when Steve Perry explained why African American male has low high school graduation rate (NY close to 28 %), he considered low expectations to be the main cause. His explanation is that when teachers and school admins expect less of the students, the students will tend to act the way as they are expected. Based on Vroom's expectancy theory of motivation, other's expectations lead you to fullfill the type of performances/attitudes others expect of you. Now I am a mom and for the first time, feel like I am learning what education is about (despite my PhD in ironic...), I can't agree more with Perry. Andrew, mommy very possibly can't promise you enough tuition to go to Harvard, but this mommy can guarantee: I will always (okay, maybe sometimes remember to) be proud of you. I will alwsys expect the best from you. Remember always be true to all endeavors.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

New Baby

Eric and I are expecting our first baby. Despite a little discomfort and concern about our future finance, we are overall wrapped in joy and excitement. Eric has been a wonderful hubby and already a very devoted father (I am jealous : P) Can't really imagine how I will gradually loose the only waist line left ^^ I guess I have to say good bye to my fancy dress for a while.....

Monday, July 6, 2009

Home Improvement

Was not too happy with the bare guest bedroom and decided to jazz it up with a tiny budget. Overall, here's a list of spedning.

headaboard: $ 78 (
fabric for the curtain: $5 (Ikea)
flowers: $.75 (from Walmart....I know..such a steal)
Curtain rod: $4.67 (Walmart)
Little circle string deco: $2.5 (Walmart clearance item)
Labour: Free (Dorothy sew the curatins and Eric install the rob, great team work ^^ give me five !)

Grand Total: about $ 100

Peter the Rabbit

Found several tiny cute bunnies in our wegetable patch. From the little buroughs theye make, we can assume they are already making themselves very comfortable in the patch. Unfortunately, I accidentally cut a little piece of one bunny's ear off when I was trimming the grass. On my defense, I was aware of them and already chased 3 bunnies off before I trimmed the grass. Anyway, still miss that little one. Poor guy...When we are trying to help him out, he still ran veyr fast. Not too worry, after some antibiotic ointment and a day's rest in our house, he is happily back to the patch with his family. He looks pretty ok, when we check on him today.

Big Fat Juicy Caterpillar

Eric and I found a big fat juicy, maybe crunchy (Euw!!!!)caterpillar when we are picking tomatos from our vegetable patch. He is so soft on the touch and cute!! (can't believe I would describe a caterpillar as cute, but he truely is cute....). Today we found out he is gone...and we noticed there are more birds flying over the vegetable patch we are thinking....the little caterpillar probably won't be able to make it to a beautiful butterfly....but anyway, best wishes greeny....we will miss u...

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Thanksgiving is coming soon. Just thought this would be the time to express my gratitude. First of all, really want to thank the wonderful students and Ms. Hollrah for helping me out this semester. Their energy and spirit amazes me. Also, want to thank the teachers and volunteers who make this culture exchange project run smoothly. Second of all, I want to thank Eric for his never ending support and care. Because of him, I feel like I am stronger to take on more responsibilities and accomplisher something bigger. Also want to thank my friends and family for being there for me. I am thankful.